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Frost Quakes and the New Madrid kaskus jual beli Seismic Zone Connection

People often mistake ice quakes with kaskus jual beli frost quakes and even earthquakes. They also tend to use the terms "ice quakes" and "frost quakes" interchangeably or synonymously. So what makes them distinguishable?

Simply put, ice quakes are non -tectonic events that occur when ice blocks (or chunks) drop from glacier cliffs into the water below, causing the glacier to shake. These blocks then form air pockets underneath kaskus jual beli the water. This air column than collapses, which propels a jet of water upwards, (called a Worthington Jet). It is the result of the collapsing air column, that creates pressure on the glacier, (and surrounding rock), that causes the glacier to shake. Ice quake Cryoseisms are found typically anywhere glaciers are present, such as: Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, Antarctic, Prince Charles Mountains, Ross Island etc.

Ice Quakes can happen anytime kaskus jual beli of the year, even in summer. In essence, If there is a glacier present, an ice quake can occur.

Frost quakes are fast onset cracking events that occurs in frozen soil or rock that has been saturated with water or ice. The water expands causing a stress to occur on land masses. The stress eventually kaskus jual beli becomes too much, and it explodes creating a Cryoseism frost quake fissure or crack on the ground.

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