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iklan baris poskota

The Great Bear Sea the Home iklan baris poskota of the Spirit Bear

Located in, British Columbia, Canada's North Coast, the Great Bear Sea region, is one of the last of its kind on earth.
It is known as one of the world's last temperate rainforests, and hosts iklan baris poskota some of the last wild rivers and productive coldwater sea's in existence. It is one of the richest and most pristine and diverse ecosystems left on earth. Here, the air is pure and the sounds are crisp. Here the beauty and power of the region will bring you to your knees. Abundance and wild are the operative words to describe this region, for everything works in unison with one another in perfect harmony.

Here there is no iklan baris poskota shortage of food.

Here you will see the Black bear, Grizzly bear and if you're lucky, maybe you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive Kermode bear or "Spirit bear (as it is referred to by the Indigenous people who live there).
Here you will witness a mother bear and her iklan baris poskota cubs frolicking on nearby riverbeds, or hear the howl of the wolf as the night draws near. Here you will witness all species of Pacific Coast salmon flipping and flapping their way upstream.

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