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18 Mortally wounded as Dakota Smashes into Hill

Head line intelligence along Thursday March sixteen, 1951, had been that seventeen men and women have been killed whenever a South Photography equipment Air passages (SAA) Dakota, the actual Paardeberg crashed right into a mount and also exploded in mid-air. There are baker's dozen individuals, which includes the parental grandaddy, Archie Cramer as well as four-spot team associates.

It had been reported for being the first kisah pengusaha sukses major South Cameras airwave collision including a great SAA carpenter's plane.

The next thunderstorm ended up being called quite "unpleasant" having fart which had approximately 55 mph velocity along with low-down visibleness. There was in addition reportedly "casual foriegn in addition to nose drops weather condition". It's past recognized communication had been from a few.24 pm once the pilot burner radioed their estimated time of arrival from Stamford Mountain (Durban) while 5.xxxv evening.

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