Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

gambar pencernaan

Iris Van Herpen gambar pencernaan and 3D Printing: First

Expert Author Paulina Perepelkin
Iris van Herpen was already a rising star within the fashion gambar pencernaan world when she presented her first 3D printed clothing piece in the Amsterdam Fashion Week in July 2010. A graduate of the prestigious Artez Institute of Arts in Arhem, she began for intern for Alexander McQueen before launching her eponymous brand in 2007.

 Using exceptional gambar pencernaan craftsmanship,

 unusual textures and specialty made materials Iris van gambar pencernaan Herpen create a reputation for innovation by creating sculptural pieces that questioned the limitation of traditional clothing. Notably, her collections tend to be a consequence of collaborations having a volume of artists from various disciplines including dancers and choreographers, visual artists, milliners, shoe designers and architects.

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