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Penyakit Sesak Nafas

How to Keep the Brain Young For Years into the future - Brain Health Part 3 - Penyakit Sesak Nafas

Penyakit Sesak Nafas, Within my previous article I introduced the brain/old house analogy as a technique to illustrate that individuals must provide conditions that foster healthy neurons, create new neurons and increase and strengthen the connections between neurons. On this page I'll explain how the mental abilities are much smarter compared to the old house and together we'll continue down the method to becoming your very own brain medical adviser.

Now here's the really exciting part...

Penyakit Sesak Nafas, In reaction to changing situations the brain go ahead and create new and/or strengthen light globes (neurons), wiring (dendrites/axon) and switches (synapses) since it already knows exactly how for doing that using its cellular intelligence. In short, the brain modifies itself through changing of the strength of the connections between neurons, by building or removing connections, or by building new cells on account of new experiences particularly those linked to learning, change and challenge. The remarkable ability on the brain to 'automatically' adapt itself to new situations also to grow is termed neuroplasticity. This truly power they have is available to us throughout life and shows that maintaining a wholesome brain throughout life's a realistic and achievable goal.

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