Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Gejala Asam Urat

Upcoming Revolution in Cognitive Assessments and Training - Gejala Asam Urat

Gejala Asam Urat, In April 2008, Baycrest, a respected research institute dedicated to aging and brain function, received $10-million on the Ontario Government to make a groundbreaking Centre for Brain Fitness. Its stated goal would have been to "develop and commercialize an array of products made to improve brain health of aging Ontarians yet others around the world".

"Our government is proud to compliment Baycrest as well as invaluable work, that's already ultimately causing the discovery of important new tools and strategies to treating brain diseases connected with aging," said Minister of Research and Innovation, John Wilkinson.

Gejala Asam Urat, We have now Baycrest's CEO around today, for more information on why Ontario and Baycrest decided to become pioneers in this field, and discuss some from the main opportunities, and challenges. Dr. William E. Reichman is President and CEO of Baycrest. Dr. Reichman, an internationally-known expert in geriatric mental health insurance and dementia, is additionally Professor of Psychiatry on the Faculty of medication for the University of Toronto.

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