Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Diet Sehat Alami

Choosing Food For Brain Health - Diet Sehat Alami

Diet Sehat Alami - Fascinating findings regarding food for brain health. The method that you eat could impact about the health of this brain.

Diet Sehat Alami - So, what's best for that brain? New information finds that a diet that regularly contains plenty of specific vitamins (B, C, D, E) in addition to omega-3 fats, while being low in trans fats, is best for the brain. Older subjects who ate in this way were found to own less shrinkage from the brain (related to Alzheimer's), but got higher scores on tests of thinking ability as opposed to runners who had less nutrient rich diets.

Earlier today intimated that following a diet that's great for the center can also be best for mental performance besides, but this latest study did things a trifle differently. They used liquid blood samples (rather than diet questionnaires) to determine the foods eaten and nutrient levels of people that participated.

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