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Ciri Kolesterol Tinggi

Uncircumcised Men Face Penis Health Risk Factors - Ciri Kolesterol Tinggi

Ciri Kolesterol Tinggi, Prior to the late twentieth century, circumcision of male infants at birth was considered routine and necessary. However, medical research during many years supported the concept circumcision constituted an unnecessary medical procedure. Some critics even debate that circumcision amounts to mutilation and removes the individual's right to choose.

Ciri Kolesterol Tinggi Conversely, more modern numerous studies have shown found that circumcision does, in truth, provide multiple health advantages within the lifetime of a male. A newly released newspaper article entitled "Fewer Circumcisions Could Cost the united states Billions" (This news, 23 August 2012) reports using a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University which revealed that men with an intact foreskin will certainly spend an average of $313 per annum beyond what their circumcised counterparts pay as a result of increased health problems.

Ciri Kolesterol Tinggi It's not to say that men who will be uncircumcised should start planning for surgery any time soon. A lot of the risks linked to an uncircumcised penis may be alleviated through proper penis care, including good hygiene, treatment with penis-specific health supplements, and avoiding unprotected sex.

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